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Our Products

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3SC's demand forecasting solution powered by advanced data science algorithm and a collaborative portal required for S&OP

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Collaborative Demand Portal is a consensus planning tool that takes full advantage of data to give best in class insights. CDP enables you to develop a sense of discipline within the sales organization.

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DispatchX is a Cloud based Planning Tool, balances the demand and supply, reduces logistics cost and improves service levels. It uses Machine Learning algorithms to allocate daily incoming demand for distribution. It also improves Productivity in Planning process.

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Prism is a descriptive analytics platform, acting as a “Digital Twin” to end-to-end supply chain processes. Driven by advanced Analytics, it offers scenario planning and risk analysis thereby enabling real time decision making.

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3SC's 4PL collaborative visibility platform which enables centralized control of supply chain execution

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FAST is a cloud-based platform, for automated auditing, driven by RPA and Advanced Analytics. It synthesizes heterogenous invoice data and increases productivity.

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Carbonex driven by advanced analytics aimed at de-carbonizing transportation & packaging. It controls & mitigates CO2 emissions using advanced machine learning algorithms, facilitating the movement towards sustainable supply chain.

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