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Driving Supply Chain through Advanced Analytics

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Managing big data is simply a part of doing business these days. If competing and succeeding is your mantra of moving forward, you need to find ways to turn those big data stores into valuable insights.

In the competitive business habitat, 3SC Analytics brings you customised solutions in supply chain analytics. A global supply chain analytics company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, we believe in having a customer-centric approach towards every analytics service that we offer. We catalyse your ability to work faster and stay agile, giving your organization a competitive edge it didn’t have before. Our data analytics initiatives emphasise on the predictive, prescriptive and descriptive domains of supply chain. Apart from data accuracy, speed and efficiency are the additional benefits that you will derive out of the highly advanced penetrating models designed by experienced supply chain professionals. We also design, build and run supply chain services through Global Control Tower powered by Big Data and Advanced analytics.


Lalit Das Founder & CEO

Lalit Das

Founder & CEO

Sarita Das Co-founder & Director

Sarita Das



Sanjay Banerjee Director

Sanjay Banerjee

Lalit Das Founder & CEO

Raj Pai

Sarita Das Co-founder & Director

Krishnan Ganesan

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